About Carving Creations

Carving Creations is a team of dedicated artists that fuses our team's artwork with the vision of our clients into reality. Our passion is making artwork that feels like it is coming alive, that invokes feeling, and inspires. Our team members have made numerous pieces such as: high-end custom chainsaw carvings, stock chainsaw carvings, smaller hand-carved woodcarvings, stump carvings, bronzes, clay sculptures, mixed media sculptures, foam carvings, paintings, and many other forms of art.

We look forward to creating a work of art for you and bringing your project to life! Our greatest reward is happy customers and those touched deeply by our art.

Michael Carr

Michael Carr Carves Owl

Michael Carr's art pieces are show-cased in Alberta and locations all over the world. After graduating from Alberta College of Art & Design (ACAD), Mike originally started his career in production sets and make-up artistic work for box office movies and theatre productions (For example, Mike trained with a master artist who created make-up effects for the Mrs Doubt Fire movie featuring Robin Williams).

Mike's artwork has been show-cased in major box office movies and productions such as: Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters (Movie), Shanghai Noon (Movie), Honey I Shrunk the Kids (Movie), Below Zero (Netflix series), Heartland (Netflix Series), Marmaduke (Movie), Scar (Movie), Caitlin's Way (TV Series), Lonesome Doves (Movie), Texas Rangers (TV Series), Cody Fitz (YYC Film Festival Award Winner), Viper (TV series), and others.

After travelling the world for many years, Mike eventually decided to settle down more permanently in his home-town of Calgary to focus more on local art clients. His work includes: chainsaw woodcarvings, foam carvings, parade floats (Vancouver, Calgary, etc.), clay sculptures, paintings, portrait work, and pretty much anything he or his clients can dream up.

James Dukeshire

James Doing What He Likes Best

James Dukeshire originally started his artistic pursuits woodcarving in his early childhood, and progressed over the years from pocket knife, then to mallet and gouge, to chainsaw and power-tools & doing various forms of artwork. Originally he started carving at a Scout Jamboree as a young kid when a leader trained in woodcarving took him aside when he got in trouble for making spears...... and the seed was planted that grew from there.

Examples of the pieces James has worked with: portrait carvings, architectural carvings for features of high-end estate homes, totem poles, relief carvings, carved statues, wildlife carvings, 4 foot long chainsaw carved race cars..... and various other carvings. James has taken woodcarving training in Europe, as well as an woodcarving apprenticeship program, pursued intensive self study, and has run a number of woodcarving courses over the years.

From his formal training from other artists over the years and self study, James has developed a unique & refined style that he brings to his team.

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