Fixing up a home for squirrels shares at least one thing with more conventional renovations. “It turned into a bigger project than we were expecting,” says Lynzey MacRae.

This is the time of year when squirrels are busy squirreling away food for the winter. And as Gil Tucker shows us, now they’re getting a bit of help from a Calgary woman who’s taking steps to make them feel right at home.

The couple reached out to James Dukeshire, a local chainsaw wood carver, and asked him to carve a tableau of Canadian animals into the trunk, as well as another stump in the yard.

Torgerson felt the 10-metre-tall tree, which was no longer producing branches or leaves, should be cut down. But MacRae was torn. She knew a family of squirrels lived near the top of the trunk and she didn't want to take away their home.

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